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The Ommegang Gala !

This year Ommegang will be held on July the 4th and 6th. The procession starts at the Royal Parc and finishes at the Grand-Place. Beside the procession there are several events organized in the Royal Parc from the 4th till the 7th. The Royal Break is the Ommegang’s Lounge & Afterwork terrace, located at the heart of the Park Royal in Brussels, right across from the Royal Palace. The Ommegang Pageant recreates a traditional Renaissance village to share with young and old how people lived during that bygone era, all in a setting full of history and tradition! In addition, there will be Renaissance market open to the public and located behind the Bourse. On the days of the procession at 7pm, the Crossbow Archery Contest will elect the winner that will enter the Grand Place with the Golden Arrow.

The origin of this procession goes back till 1348 when a little girl living in Antwerp, called Beatrice Soetkens, had a vision of the Virgin. The Mother of God commanded Beatrice to bring a little wooden statue to Brussels. This story would be at the origin of a religious procession. In 1549, for the visit of Emperor Charles V, the city of Brussels organized a great demonstration of the Ommegang. Since 1930, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Belgium, the city reproduced this presentation with more than thousands extras. Given the success of this performance, it was decided to repeat it in subsequent years.

Tickets to assist the show on the Grand Place are for sale at the tourist info center (between 42€ till 82€).

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