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Blue carpet forest

If you plan to visit Brussels in April or May, you may want to spend a few hours in the Hallerbos. Located at 20km South of Brussels, the forest is famous for its bluebell carpet which covers the 552ha wide forest floor. The phenomenon of “bluebell forests” is not uncommon in Europe, but the Hallerbos is unique for the density and beauty of its blooms. A carpet of bluebells is a sign of ancient woodland. The Hallerbos is part of an ancient carboniferous forest.

Each year, people from all around the world come to witness this phenomenon. On weekends there may be a lot of visitors, but the forest is big enough to enjoy a peaceful moment. It is impossible to predict exactly when the Hyacinthoides non-scripta flowers are blooming, but visit regularly the official website of the Hallerbos to know if the season started.

Althoug the forest is close to Brussels, it isn’t easily reachable. It is accessible by car (E19 – Exit 21 Halle) and by public transport (train to Halle and from Halle train station take in the week: TEC bus nr 114 – in weekends: De Lijn nr 155 or 156).

If you are an amateur photographer, you definitely have to go there with your camera!

video of CNN :

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