About Brussels

With its 159 embassies and 2500 diplomats, Brussels is the world's second seat of diplomatic representations. How did this young city acquire a prominent role so rapidly in Europe since the Middle Age? Since its first stone put in 580, Europe has witnessed Brussels' lightning evolution to power. This city has been a capital of numerous territories: Burgundy, Brabant, the Netherlands, Belgium and now Europe. Its refined heritage is prized by so many. If you let us introduce you to this legacy, we will make sure you see it, touch it and taste it!


Today, the city is famous for its delicious chocolates and sweets, renowned beer, outstanding architecture and this unique way to continuously surprise you. But Brussels holds some of Europe's most amazing sites!The Grand Place, World Heritage of Unesco for more than 20 years. The City Hall and the Cathedral, both masterpiece of the Gothic architecture. Manneken Pis, the Bourse, Saint-Géry, the Royal Palace and its Parc, the Saint-Hubert Galleries and even the breathtaking Mont-des-Arts. Let us show you how the builders of this city connected the three most important sites in one single point, regardless of their distance...

Things you experience :
Grand Place
La Grand Place (Grote Markt in Dutch) is the central square of the city. With its rich ortnemants it was considered as the most beautyful square by Victor Hugo.
Manneken Pis
Symbol of Belgium, Manneken Pis personifies our sense of humor and our independence of mind.
Belgian Waffle
Waffles are a Belgian speciality. You will not only learn about the history of our waffles, but you will also experience a typical Belgian waffle: la gaufre de Liège.
City wall
Built in the 12th century, there are still some remainings of it.
Cathedrale Saints-Michel-et-Gudule
The Roman Catholic church (dedicated originnally to Saint-Michel) is also named as the Saint-Gudule Cathedral. The story of this Saint, has contributed to the citizens' faith in Christianity during the Middle Age.
Belgian Chocolate
This tour includes a chocolate tasting. You will learn all about the history of our pralines and will be briefed about the big chocolate houses.
Palais Royal
The Royale Palace is the administrative residence and the office of our King, member of the most powerfull Royal Family in Europe.
Place Royale
This neighborhood that hosted for centuries Dukes, Counts, Princes and Kings, has the heritage of the former Coudenberg Palace.
Mont des Arts
One of the most beautiful views you will experience in your life!
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